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Career and Learning Management

Welcome to Global Virtual School. We are your success partners in career and life learning with following specialized services

International School

As a virtual campus, physical distances have nothing to do with your achievements

Academic Recognition

GVS is offering standard qualifications approved by Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE), Islamabad, Pakistan

Learning Excellence

Asynchronous Learning Resources with constructive feedback through Moderated Dashboard (MDB) activities. It provides comprehensive assessments to prepare for your exams

Quality Focus

GVS observes international quality norms and standards in education and training through pedagogical approach and outcome based learning

Career & Life Learning Management (CALM)

GVS supports you to manage career and lifelong learning through its specialized Skill Program/s

Active Learning

GVS involves various methodologies to make learning happen research, problem based learning, Project Based Learning, Flipped Classroom, MOOC and others

Bringing out the talent within

GVS Team hunts your latent talent with active participation through empowering and engaging students  in learning activities and projects.It provides constructive feedback through inbuilt Formative and Summative Assessment Plans and tracks down your learning to the topic level. 

Limitless learning and opportunities

GVS brings education at your doorstep and offers you to choose elective subjects from a variety of disciplines meeting your personal goals and suiting your career path.

Message from the Management

We are a team of professionals with diversified knowledge and experience, committed to serve learners, society and profession. We prepare learners to excel in career and life.

As an obligation to learners, we acknowledge the diversity of learners in designing and development of content of approved curriculum  aligned with current and future needs of the profession and society.

As an obligation to society, we contribute by promoting a culture of innovation and motivating by offering specialized training to students of other schools in the neighborhood.

As an obligation to the profession, we exert every effort to maintain and raise professional standards, established by internationally recognized accrediting bodies. Whether you are a current, former student or an interested person, please feel free to contact us.

Global Virtual School is the best school for its commitment and responsibility towards students.

“If you are craving to learn with quality, virtual learning does that best.”

Start your future today

GVS is registered and affiliated with FBISE, Islamabad, Pakistan. It offers secondary & higher secondary level programs in virtual learning environment through its Learning Management System (LMS).

Free E-Summer Camp

GVS is Where You Build Your Career
GVS is the only institute in Pakistan that provides a virtual platform to support your academic endeavors and opportunities to be DigiSkilled during your studies.