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Universal Children's Day

November, 20th of each year has been designated as Universal Children’s Day by United Nations. It’s a realized thought that if you want a best future then invest in your children. Universal Children’s Day is best time to promote intimacy around the world and talks about those problems, a child face in every corner of the globe.

Pakistan has a long way to go when it comes to ensure their steady existing with proper healthcare, quality education and to provide a bright future for our children. In UNICEF’s Situational Analysis of Children in the Pakistan, 2017, data demonstrate that children affected by poverty also face a range of lifetime challenges. They have limited access towards basic facilities that not only disrupts their childhoods, it also keeps them at a disadvantage throughout their lives. 

They got very few opportunities for growth. Data also indicates that 35.7% of world’s extremely poor children live in South Asia, and mostly in rural areas. Children are more than twice as likely as adults to be living in households with extreme poverty. Younger children are the worst off, with approximately 20% of all children under 5 years living in extremely poor households in the developing world. Coming to education, multiple figures offering slightly different percentages all affirm that large number of children in Pakistan are out of school. This comprise girls, rural children, poor children and those from less developed provinces which are out of school. An estimated figure by UNICEF’s indicates about 22.6 million children between the ages of 5 and 16 years are out of school at the primary, middle and secondary levels. The figures may look depressing, but the struggle is not yet over. The key to giving Pakistani children the best possible start in life is to educate oneself about their rights, as declared by the National Commission for Child Welfare and Development (NCCWD) under domain of Ministry of Human Rights, Govt. of Pakistan. The NCCWD is responsible to coordinate, monitor and facilitate implementation of the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and other national/international obligations. The vision of NCCWD is to create child friendly society that places the children at the center of development, recognizes their individuality, respects and values their voices, observes their best interest in every sphere of life and protects them from violence, abuse and exploitation. In the light of Universal Children’s Day, every child has the right to
  • Be born well.
  • Be raised well and become contributing members of society.
  • Basic needs.
  • Access what they need to have a good life.
  • Education.
  • Play and enjoy their youth.
  • Be protected and cared in the absence of their parent/guardian
  • Live in a productive environment.
  • Freedom and peace.
Last but not the least, every child is permitted to do whatever they want. Certainly, they will contribute to the peace and betterment of the communities being a part of it. Let’s contribute by our actions to make our homeland, Pakistan, a safe land for our children. By: Dr. Ijaz bano Academic Affairs Head Global Virtual School, GIFT, Jhang Pakistan References:
  • The Situation Analysis of Children in Pakistan, 2017
  • National Commission for Child Welfare and Development, Ministry of Human Rights, Govt. of Pakistan.