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How to Apply

Your first step to Global Virtual School

GVS Registrar Office is responsible for admitting qualified applicants to a wide range of Secondary and Higher Secondary Academic Programs available on a full time basis leading to different career paths as per the Academic Programs selected.


Addmission process

1. Program Selection

Review Program Study Scheme and select one for you.

2. Preparation

- Create a google email account for communication with GVS
- Check the minimum eligibility criteria for application submission
- Collect desired documents mentioned in Registration Form

3. Registration

1. Fill up all fields of online Registration Form
2. Attach the receipt of admission process fee
3. Attach the desired Academic & Supporting Documents
4. Submit application

4. Eligibility Check

The Admission Committee will review the application for eligibility criteria and reach the Applicant for status of Application, Approved or Not Approved.

5. Admission Approval

If Applicant found eligible alongwith all desired documents, he will be informed for Approved Application Status.

6. Submit Fee

If approved, applicants will deposit Tuition Fees, as per Fee Voucher provided, within due time and email the receipt to the Finance Department at finance@gvs.edu.pk

7. Admission Confirmation

After receiving the fee, applicant admission will be confirmed. He will be provided LMS credentials.

Support Team

In case of any query, please contact registration office at admission.gvs.edu@gmail.com
They would be more than glad to help you.

New admission starts in August