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Alumni Forum

We exist to maintain strong links with graduates, parents, friends, the wider community and supporters of the GVS. Graduates become members of our alumni community on graduation day. This ever-growing community is a terrific resource which can be called upon at any time.

As an alum, you have access to a range of exclusive events arranged by the GVS and your fellow alumni. As an alum you are invited to attend our events all year round.

You may have graduated, but that doesn’t mean that your involvement with the GVS has to come to an end! There are numerous ways that you can take on a role in the alumni community.

Chapter are social and/or professional networking groups organised by and for alumni. They help to bring alumni in a specific geographical area together to participate in local activities and events in a fun and friendly environment. Chapters can be powerful and efficient information hubs based anywhere in the world, making it much easier to share ideas and messages between fellow alumni and the GVS. They also provide a local contact for alumni, parents and current and future students. We don’t enforce a specific format or structure for an alumni chapter. They can vary from a single alumnus using a WhatsApp group to organise social events to a formally constituted group with an agreed operating procedure. All we ask is that you’re enthusiastic, eager, dedicated and have the time to push the chapter forwards and make it a success!

Setting up a chapter If you want to set up a new chapter, that’s great! Chapters typically begin with one or more individuals willing to take on a leadership role and attract a group of enthusiastic alumni who want to join with them. More formal groups usually start with three or four alumni who are prepared to take on the role of President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Events Organiser. Whichever route you choose, the GVS will need an ‘official’ contact for the chapter. We encourage chapter leads to be as inclusive as possible to all local alumni so that alumni from all career backgrounds, graduation years and degree subjects are included. At present, there are GVS chapters in: Pakistan Saudi Arabia